Understanding Purpose

Why Purpose?

For years, people have reached out to me for assistance to start their businesses. For years, people have sought my advice to follow their dreams. And as I continued to press forward with my dreams, I began to ask God, why does he allow things to get in my way and distract me? Why am I always compelled to help someone else versus focusing all the extra little effort on ME?! Then, I remember one thing that a minister who at the time did not know me (now my Pastor) once said to me. He said, “God has given you the gift of intelligence, but it’s not just for you!” Fifteen years later, I am beginning to understand.

One of my passions is to help others do their thang and be successful at it! I in the past, however, I wanted to do it on my own terms and the way I wanted to help someone out. But that is not purpose and that I why I have never been satisfied with the situation. You see, living on purpose is not living a life of mere convenience. Living a life of purpose is not self-serving. Living a life of purpose can be rewarding but the reward is a reward and not the expectation.

We are all here in life for a purpose. The best life lived is one where you understand that purpose. I would argue that the greatest life lived is one where you are able to fulfill that purpose and one way to do that is to give life to the passion that God has given you. To give life to that purpose means you have to walk and lean on faith, and that is the beginning of the journey….

So, as I take this purpose my passion journey, I hope this helps someone. No filters. No masking. I am just a mom and wife uncovering the purpose for the passion. Let’s take this faith journey together. Let’s GO!

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