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    Enjoying The Journey With Family

    “Mommy, can I help you with the products?” That is the question I get from my beautiful 5 year old daughter every time I make or package up RUYA Essentials products for our clients. Just the other day, I let her know that I was promoting her to the Quality Control Manager position, because she is meticulous with wiping down the containers of creams and sprays to ensure they are spotless and shelf ready!

    The special part of the purpose my passion journey is not that I am taking the time to discover God’s purpose for my passion, but it is the fact that I am able to take the journey and allow my children to see me do it. I want my daughter, who is a strong-willed, outspoken and self-determined young girl, to witness what mommy is doing. As I dream big, I want her to learn to dream bigger, so it becomes her norm. As I pray about the future of where God is taking my passion, I want her to hear those prayers so that they become her norm. As I jump over hurdles that come my way, I want her to see me jump high, so that she knows how to jump higher when hurdles come her way. So the journey is not just for me…it’s for my lineage to follow.

    A few weeks ago, I took my daughter on a delivery call to one of the local spas that sell our RUYA Essentials products. In fact, this spa sells more AMANI ONE Exotic Dry Oil Blend on a yearly basis than I sell off of my website. They just decided to add another one of our collections to their inventory so I dropped the order off in person. It was the first time my daughter saw our products on the shelves. The same products that she helps me put labels on were on the shelves next to major brands. The same products that she wipes down until they are sparkling, were taking up several shelves of retail space. I watched my daughter’s eyes sparkle with joy to see the RUYA brand come to life and my heart began to flutter.

    My goal is to encourage you to think of your purpose my passion journey as an added bonus to your children’s lives. Incorporate them as much as possible. This is a journey for all to experience and I intend to share with you as we take our journey. No filters. No masking.  I am just a mom and wife uncovering the purpose for the passion. Let’s Go!

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